Phantom Goose Hats

A New Motion Decoy For Waterfowlers

Get your head down and don't peek, was the order by your caller for the hunt. There were four of us, we had turned a small flight of geese with calls and flags. Our caller said, get ready they have set their wings and dropped their feet don't move get ready TAKE EM! We all started shooting, we only dropped six. We Sent Rambo our black Lab, he took the nearest goose the first one to go down, that two of us had claimed after our first shot. Now, it looked like most of us indeed had hit the same goose. Does this remind you of some of your Hunts? With all the confusion and rush when you come up BLIND on the call TAKE EM, and you hadn't been able to watch those birds come across the field set their wings and drop their feet to land. Only the caller had that adrenalin pumping thrill and was able to see those birds come across the field set their wings and drop their feet to land. Does this remind you of some of your hunts?

Now the Phantom Goose Hats Way,
No More Round Heads

With our hats you no longer need to take your eyes off of incoming birds and your hands are free with guns ready. No coming up blind wasting seconds and yards to choose your first target. All of the hunters are talking with each other picking their best first shots. The movements of our DECOY hats will look like actively feeding birds. No more hard feelings over calling too late or too soon. Most migratory bird hunting friends that use layout blinds or pits make an easy change to our system of being able keep our heads up EYES on the birds and then letting the most experienced hunter make the final call.

We have Professional Guides that are some of our best customers. They use our Hats to give a great new experience to their customers. Being able to watch as the guide turns a flight of geese or ducks watching him use his skills with his flags and calls. With all his hunters fallowing the birds until the guide says TAKE EM!. This solves one of the big problems. If one of his customers can't resist trying to take a peak, and flairs the birds, and spoils that chance, it can sour it for all the other hunters. Our hats void this problem all of our hunters are live action feeding GEESE OR DUCK DECOYS.
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